Hawaiian Airlines

Monday, January 23, 2023

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest operator in the U.S. state of Hawaii and is the tenth largest airline in the U.S. It offers nonstop flights to many Mainlands in the USA. It serves destinations in several Asia-Pacific countries and territories.

The airline is best known for its Hawaii-focused and themed service, from the aircraft decor to the drinks to the outfits the flight attendant's wear.

There are various reasons why Hawaiian is the top flag carrier of Hawaii, and today, You and Urban Vacationing both of us are embarking on this journey to find out Hawaiian Airlines. Let's stick together till the very end.

Top reasons why you should book a flight with Hawaiian Airlines.

First of all, let's make up your mind that traveling to Hawaii should be done with Hawaiian Airlines, and hey, we are not just saying it, but we mean it. We have got some good reasons to back our statement as well. Here are some of them for you;

Real Hawaii Experience

As mentioned above, the Hawaii holiday begins from the time you onboard the aeroplane of Hawaiian Airlines as each and every inch of the airline is heavily inspired by Hawaii, including the plane's name, the Hawaiian music playing inside, the cabin crew members' "aloha" dress... everything you do resonates Hawaii.

Generous Baggage allowance

Hawaiian airline's baggage allowance policy is gorgeous and kind. All of the passengers are given two pieces of checked baggage up to 32 kg. Alongside, you can carry 1 carry-on baggage of up to 11.5 kg on the plane with you.

Free Entertainment

The Hawaiian airline's flights also have in-flight entertainment with a USB port for charging devices on Australia - Hawaii flights. Passengers can enjoy whatever they want from newly released films and preference-based selected movies.

Apart from the points mentioned, there are other various reasons why Hawaiian Airlines is loved a lot, like its extra comfort seating, business class highlights, Hawaiian Airlines miles and rewards, and a lot more.

How to book flights with Hawaiian Airlines?

You can book a flight ticket with Hawaiian Airlines in several ways, either by calling the airline or visiting their official websites. But you know what? There are times when the customer services at Hawaiian Airlines fails to pick up the call or misses calling back; during those times, you can rely on us, Urban Vacationing.

You can contact us at +1-571-378-7984. We will help you with the flight booking at amazing flight prices. We will help you book a flight to anywhere in the world, whether getting tickets to Hawaii or the Caribbean islands. And will get you done with a hotel reservation in Hawaii’s amazing hotels or stay places. And even with the rental services, if you want.

Best Places to visit in Hawaii

No doubt, you will feel Hawaii on the airlines, but you still need to get off the plane and see how the state really feels. Let's finally get off the flight and visit Hawaii, which in short is Hawaii beaches, and the Hawaiian Islands are fun and adventurous, full of thrills. There's drama, entertainment, food and lots of life. Below are some of the must-visit places in Hawaii.

Hawaii Island

Aka, the biggest island in Hawaii. It is the largest and the biggest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago. There are nonstop opportunities for fun, adventure and thrill on this island. One can take a tour of several heritage and historic sites, say, Baby State Historical Park, where you can do scuba diving, snorkeling or Kayak riding.

Oahu Island

It is the third largest of Hawaii's six main islands and is home to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. The list of water activities that you can do there goes endless. You can visit Historic Lolani Palace, Pearl Harbor National historic landmark where you can be acquainted with the Japanese attack that happened during World War II, and you can even visit Bishop Museum, which tells you about the culture at Oahu and the visual arts at Hawaii.


The adventure capital of Hawaii, where the fun begins as soon as you set foot on the island. You can enjoy boat trips; scenic views, and you can visit Na Pali Coast, where, if you are lucky, you can even meet dolphins or try your hand at kayaking.


The largest city in Hawaii and is loved by many Hawaiian populations. Honolulu, Hawaii, is a place of historical landmarks, vibrant art scenes, great shopping, nightlife and meeting locals. You can get the real essence of Hawaii in Honolulu. It should be on the must-visit list of everyone visiting Hawaii.

Lanikai Beach

The true paradise on Earth...One of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world is Lanikai Beach. Walking on this beach is mesmerizing and healing. The sky, sunrise and sunset, everything is amazing at Lanikai Beach. If you want to feel the waves and the wind flowing, close your eyes at Lanikai and let nature do the miracle for you.


Hawaii is one of the best places in the world; that’s everything but a disappointment. As we are discussing things here, the wind blowing at some beach is asking you to come and join to let yourself and your world lose. A trip to Hawaii should be there in your bucket list. You know Hawaiian Airlines will directly take you there even before taking you there. And you also know whom to ask to book a flight ticket for you. Then, my people, pick up your phone and dial +1-571-378-7984.


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