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The Caribbean is among the most sought-after destinations for travel around the world. It is comprised of more than 55,000 islands, reefs, and cays with distinct attractions and cost ranges. Particularly well-liked by North Americans fleeing the winter the Caribbean is ideal for honeymooners, beach bums, or anyone who wants to enjoy the sun and take in the great outdoors.

With cheap Caribbean vacation packages soak up the place where tropical fantasies are made out! The region consists of parts of the Caribbean Sea and 30 island territories, as well as thousands of islets, reefs, and cays. Each island has its background and influence, which is why tourists love that each place within the Caribbean is so distinct.

Some islands are famous for their white beaches and resorts, while others are famous for fishing and scuba diving. There is also the possibility of sailing between islands to gain a deeper experience and an insight into the local culture. It isn't easy to choose a favorite among the several Caribbean islands! Traveling around these islands without spending a dime or being in a luxurious lifestyle is possible. It is a perception that a Caribbean vacation is a costly affair and that only high-end tourists and honeymooners can visit.

However, that could not be further from reality. It is an expansive and diverse area, and each island has something special to provide. Yes, you can spend lavishly here if you wish. However, you can also travel to The Caribbean with a tight budget. It's not going to be expensive and not require a huge budget, either.

Best Things to Do and See

  • Sip rum at a distillery in Barbados
  • Learn the origins of Reggae in Jamaica
  • Get splashed about Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica
  • Scuba dive or snorkel
  • Go zip-lining in St. Lucia
  • Relax and enjoy Antigua
  • Kayak on the islands
  • Get lost in Holywell National Park
  • Discover Curacao's Hato Caves in Curacao
  • Enjoy ‘Baths’ located in the British Virgin Islands

The Best Time to Visit

The months of December through April are the busiest in The Caribbean. This is when hotel prices are pricey. So those who are from the north seeking refuge from extreme winter temperatures, book Caribbean vacation deals much in advance. In contrast, the visibility in the water is ideal for snorkeling and diving. The average daily temperature is about 30°C (87 °F).

May to November is the off-season in the Caribbean where rates of accommodation and activities can be 50% less than high season. The beaches are less bustling during this period, and the temperatures remain comfortable and hot -- with temperatures ranging from 32°C (89°F) in some areas such as Curacao or Aruba as well as the 27°C (80°F) in the Bahamas.

In certain areas, there are areas that you must consider the time of hurricanes — between June and the end of November. Locations such as The Bahamas and The Virgin Islands are in the zone of hurricanes, while other islands such as Curacao and Aruba aren't in the zone of hurricanes. If you plan to visit when hurricanes are in season, be sure you are covered with full travel insurance with Caribbean packages.

Airports in the Caribbean

JetBlue, Qatar Airways & Delta fly the most frequently from the United States to the Caribbean. So if you are planning a getaway into the Caribbean, Montego Bay's Sangster International Airport is the main airport that acts as a gateway to the rest of the islands in The Caribbean.

On the other hand, Santiago de Los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic is a popular airport; low-cost carrier JetBlue, which operates daily flights from New York City to Boston and Newark, New Jersey, can likely get you there for the lowest price.

You can also fly into San Juan, Aguadilla — a smaller airport that welcomes cheap flights from New York City, Newark, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Book Cheap Flights to The Caribbean

With so many destinations to pick from in The Caribbean, there is no doubt that you will find an island that matches your needs and budget. Urban Vacationing is about helping you find cheap flights to the Caribbean that won’t exceed your budget. If you are craving a thrilling adventure or a romantic escape, you'll find several ways to spice up your trip. Select from a vast selection of affordable plane tickets.

Our Caribbean travel guide will aid you in planning your trip for a low cost, reduce expenses, and maximize every minute you are in these breathtaking tropical paradises! So, load up your bags, book Caribbean flights and prepare to embark on a memorable trip. For the best flight deals to or from Caribbean contact Urbanvacationing +1-571-378-7984.

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