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Senior Travel Reservation

Travel keeps people vibrant and young. Age isn't an excuse for not staying young. Senior citizens have now got all the time to themselves to check out destinations on bucket list which they haven't explored yet. Fly Smarter and travel more in your golden years to keep yourself refreshed and rejuvenated.

Now is the time to put your working years behind and forget about all the worries of family. The young children are there to care about everything else. Seniors should get going and start focusing on themselves because the real joys of life begins at 55, or 60, or 65. This is surely the best time to travel and explore the world. And, not because the dream trips are being booked without feeling guilty in any way but traveling has become way cheaper in your prime year with senior travel discounts.

Low airfares surely remain a great motivator for travelling around, but finding senior travel fares may be somewhat difficult when searching on your own. Senior travel reservation is cost-effective and meets your entire travel needs. Whether you are planning a family vacation to an exotic destination, want to visit an old friend at a distant location, go for a spiritual travel, fly to domestic destinations in USA, or international destinations like Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa, let Fond Travels search and book a flight for a senior citizen at great discounts. This is the time for you to explore the world like never before and discover the enthralling beauty all around. Save more on travel while experiencing the joys in myriad attractions worldwide. Let your retired life be as enjoyable as it can be without loosening your wallet any more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each airline has its own age requirements to consider someone as a ‘Senior Citizen’ with the purpose of offering discounts. The age requirements vary and ranges from 55 to 65 years and older. Many international airlines start offering senior fares to persons who have reached the age of 60 or 62. Many U.S. airlines also offer senior discounts to passengers who are 65 years of age or older. A senior citizen is eligible for various types of travel discounts, including air travel, hotels and others.

Nowadays many airlines have stopped offering exclusive senior flight discounts as the low-cost carriers and other U.S. airlines are already offering hugely discounted airfares due to stiff competition. But there are still few major airlines in the United States that are still continuing with the practice of offering senior airfares to their customers helping them with significant savings. Do remember that there are often complicated rules regarding senior fares. Some airlines offer senior discounts on limited rules, while other airlines may change their offers from year to year.

You can book a senior flight with discounts offered by major U.S. airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Let’s take a look at the senior fare deals offered by these airlines.

American Airlines senior discounts: American Airlines provide senior discounts in few Latin American markets only, though the rules are slightly complicated. The senior discounts are offer to those who are aged 65 and older. A 50% off is offered adults aged 65 and above for travel originating in Ecuador. Passengers aged 60 and over can claim 25% off for travel originating in Honduras. If the travel is originating in Panama then male passengers aged 60 and more and women travellers aged 55 and more are eligible to get 25% off on senior fare. The discount also applies to retired residents of Panama who have a Retirement Card issued by the Panamanian government. The senior discounts will be available for taking flights to any city across the world operated by American Airlines. The senior discount may however not be used in addition to any promotional offer, and the passengers will have to provide proof of their age at the time of purchasing the tickets or boarding the flights.

Delta Airlines senior discounts: When booking with Delta Airlines you won’t find senior fares online, but you may always call Delta Airlines reservations to get these exclusive fares for seniors. In fact, senior discounts are offered by Delta Airlines on flights to Panama and certain markets in the United States. The amount and availability of the discount is subject to change, and can’t be booked online.

United Airlines senior discounts: United Airlines offers senior fares to passengers aged 65 and above for travel to select destinations, and can be booked over the phone or online. The passengers are also offered Signature Service personal concierge and club lounge to those requiring extra assistance.

Southwest Airlines senior discounts: Southwest Airlines offers senior fares to passengers of 65 years and above travelling to both domestic and international destinations, and can be booked either online or calling Southwest Airlines reservations number. The senior fares are also refundable. The passengers will need to show proof of their age when booking senior flight tickets. The senior fares can also not be combined with any other fare deal.

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