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The Privacy Policy being provided here is to assure our customers regarding the safeguard and security of their personal information submitted to us by any means during the course of reservations or bookings made through us. We fully understand that the security of the personal data of our customers is of paramount importance and highly critical for us, and will accordingly take every possible step for its safeguard.

What and why we collect

Your personal data is collected and stored by us through various means and in different ways. This may be done when accessing our website and submitting your personal details required by us regarding our travel products and/or services or whenever making any bookings or transactions with us. The reasons are the following:

  • For making and managing bookings made through us
  • Personally identifiable details such as name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, phone number, email address, shipping address and billing address for completing the transactions and sending it to you
  • Payment/Financial information regarding your credit card or debit card details required to complete transactions
  • Special travel arrangements requests such as dietary requirements etc
  • Call recordings for future references
  • Social media details
  • Your computer’s IP address when visiting our website

How we collect

Your personal data is collected by us in the following ways:

  • Personal details submitted when making enquiries or when making transactions through us or through email or phone calls
  • When submitting email address for receiving our e-newsletters
  • From a third party in some circumstances such bookings made by someone else on your behalf and later on used by you

How we use

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • For completing your booking by making use of your personal data and payment information when submitted to us in any way, such as accessing our website or talking on phone to one of our booking agents
  • To send promotions and special offers regarding our products and services through email
  • For providing your booking confirmation and itinerary details or updates
  • For managing your booking
  • To contact you for customer service whenever required

How and with whom we share

We share your personal data with the following:

  • Our primary travel suppliers, affiliates and others, including airlines, hotels, transfer providers, activity providers, car rental companies, tour operators and cruise lines
  • Third party agent making a reservation on your behalf
  • Third party service providers such as credit card processing, fraud prevention and business analytics
  • Legal authorities whenever required so by law

Your personal data will be stored on our servers as long as it is required for purposes for which it was duly procured. This may be for a period of up to 6 years in order to protect us against any contractual claims.

Your Rights

The following rights are being provided by us to you, which may be exercised whenever need be:

  • Seeking confirmation and updates about the process of your personal data by us
  • Placing a request for accessing your personal data stored by us
  • Getting your personal data corrected or amended when inaccurate or incomplete
  • Placing a request for deleting or completely removing your personal data whenever the objectives of its processing is complete
  • Placing a request for removing your consent

Please write to us at whenever you want to use your rights by providing details about your request.


Cookies are by us to improve the user experience. This is done by placing a text file by our servers in your computer system through a browser.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified or amended by us whenever required. We will keep you informed about such updates by placing a notice on our website or sending an email to you.

For any queries about this Privacy Policy please write to us at

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