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All of your travel-related bookings or transactions will be governed by our Terms & Conditions being provided here. We advise you to kindly go through our Terms & Conditions to better equip yourself with the policies and regulations related to any of the transactions made through our website. By browsing our website for information or transaction purposes we understand that you agree to the same, whether partially or wholly, without qualification. If you however don’t agree to these then please don’t visit our website or use it for any other purposes.

Terms of Use

UrbanVacationing.com is a destination management company currently engaged in providing vacation packages for groups, corporate, business and leisure travellers through our travel suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines, tour operators etc. The Terms & Conditions will therefore be between you and us separately, as well as between you and the individual travel supplier through whom the services are being procured by us on your behalf.

Please understand that UrbanVacationing.com won’t be responsible or liable for the failure of the individual travel suppliers to provide you the requested services unless the loss was caused to you due to our own negligence. We also advise you to please go through the Terms & Conditions of the individual travel suppliers associated with us so that you are better informed about their respective fare rules and policies.


Whatever information is required from you to fulfil and complete the travel-related transaction process, you will be solely responsible for its accuracy in providing the same to us. This will also be applicable to the bookings made by you on someone else’s behalf. We won’t be responsible for the wrong information provided by you during the course of booking in any way whatsoever.

No changes will be allowed to the booking once it is finalized and tickets have been issued by us and provided to you through email or other communication mode. For alterations/amendments or changes to your booking you will have to pay extra charges for this.

It will be your sole responsibility to check the accuracy of the travel documents received by you and also be duly confirmed. For any discrepancies or revisions, we request you to kindly contact our customer service immediately and bring the same to our notice so that it’s promptly rectified. Please note that all the tickets issued by us are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable, unless clearly specified.

You also agree that the booking information provided to us by you will be passed on to the concerned travel supplier or other individual vendors associated with us for fulfilling your travel requirements and making arrangements.

You also agree that we will be providing your personal and travel information to law enforcement agencies, including customs or immigration or other officials, whenever so required by law.

You also agree that your information may be provided by us to credit checking or security companies pertaining to the completion of the transaction process.


All of the travel bookings made through us will be reflected and charged in USD. We offer you the flexibility to make partial payment or full payment during the time of the booking. You will however be required to pay the remaining balance, in case of partial payment, before or on the due date. If you fail to make full payment then your booking will be automatically cancelled, for which you will have to pay us the cancellation charges.

Cancellation and Amendment

We will act on your amendment/alteration or cancellation request as soon as we receive it from you. Cancellation or amendment/alteration fee may be charged by the concerned travel supplier in accordance with their own individual Terms & Conditions, which may at times be 100% of the total cost.

You may have to pay a USD 50 modification fee per booking if you are to make any alterations or add more persons in your party/booking. Also be informed that extra taxes may be collected from time to time, regarding which you will be duly informed before the tickets are issued or reissued.

For delayed boarding or cancellation, we or any of our travel suppliers will be liable or accountable in any way whatsoever, and we will also not provide refunds for the same.


Buying travel insurance which provides adequate cover to you and your party is mandatory. The said travel insurance will provide cover to the loss of baggage and money, cost of cancellation, financial failure of the supplier(s), cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness, and other expenses. You will be responsible for checking the details of the travel insurance carefully and ensure its accuracy whenever purchasing the same through us or else your cover may be affected.

Delivery of Documents

We usually send the travel documents to your registered email with us. However, you will have to bear the cost of the documents required to be sent on your postal address. We will not be responsible or liable for the loss of the documents sent by us unless the loss caused to you was due to our negligence. If the documents are to be re-issued then the cost of tickets and other travel documents will be borne by you.


UrbanVacationing is here to make your travel smooth, hassle free and comfortable in every way possible. We will accordingly provide you with all the necessary help regarding any of your complaints during the course of your travel or in the middle of your journey as a responsible destination management company. You are always welcome to email at support@urbanvacationing.com for further assistance.

Since you also are into a separate agreement with the individual travel supplier associated with us, we hereby advise you to contact them for travel arrangements for which they are responsible on our behalf. However, if a complaint is to be made in the middle of your travel then the same can be made to the local supplier/agent immediately.

Your complaints will be addressed according to the stated procedures, and refunds if any, will be made after proper investigation. The complaints may however be made after you conclude your journey.

For any queries regarding the Terms & Conditions, you may kindly email us at support@urbanvacationing.com. We will be pleased to promptly address your queries to the best of your satisfaction.

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