Emirates Name Change Policy

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Emirates Name Change Policy

Are you worried about the misspelled name on Emirates flight tickets? If yes, you are at the right place now. Emirates allows its passengers to modify their names under the Emirates name change policy. We will discuss here all scenarios when you can easily perform name correction/name change on an Emirates flight ticket.

What is Emirates Name Change Policy?

It is indeed a worrisome situation when your name is misspelled on your travel itineraries. But when it comes to Emirates Airlines, you do not need to worry at all. Under Emirates name correction policy, you can easily get it done by following a few steps. Emirates, one of the legacy airlines in the Middle East is keen to assist its passengers by all means with high-end travel solutions across the globe. Emirates knows that sometimes it is obvious that you misspell your name unintentionally when making an Emirates flight reservation. If it happens to you, just adhere to the Emirates Airlines name change policy and you will not be denied boarding on Emirates flights. You do not need to get it canceled and wait for refunds and then make a new reservation. Just make a correction to the name on the Emirates ticket and you are ready to fly.

How do I Change My Name on Emirates?

As soon as you are aware of the incorrect name on your flight ticket, follow the procedure for Emirates Airlines name correction. There are mainly two ways to get your name corrected on an Emirates flight ticket. One is an online method and the second one is an offline method to change the name on Emirates flight tickets.

Emirates Airlines name correction Online: Mostly, people prefer the online method for Emirates flight name change. It is at the ease of connivance for the passengers. You just need to follow the below steps to get your name corrected on the Emirates flight ticket.

  • Visit the official website of Emirates
  • Log in with the valid credentials
  • Navigate to the “Manage Booking” section
  • Enter your booking reference number and the last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking details
  • Select the relevant booking
  • Click on the “Emirates Name Change” tab to proceed ahead
  • Make changes as per the government approved identity card
  • Pay the required fee and you are done
  • You will receive a name correction confirmation on your registered email

It usually takes 4 hours to get a new ticket issued with the correct name.

Emirates Airlines name correction offline: Some people do not prefer an activity to be done online. They want some trustworthy source to get their requests processed. Those travels that prefer offline mode can contact Emirates customer service phone number to get their misspelled name corrected. Speak directly to one of the Emirates customer service representatives by dialing the Emirates customer service phone number. Tell them the exact issue and provide a government-approved identity card in case you want correction in your name.

In addition to the above, you may also visit the nearest Emirates office centers along with valid identity proof for the same purpose.

Emirates Airlines Name Change Fee

Emirates Airlines name change fee depends on various factors such as how the ticket was purchased and in which country. If an Emirates flight ticket is booked directly on the website of the airline or from the sales office and contact centers, a flat amount of $30 to be paid as a name correction fee. Generally, the name correction fee is applicable per flight ticket. It is advisable to contact Emirates customer service phone number to know Emirates name change rules and fees in the specific counties from where the ticket was purchased.

Emirates Ticket Name Change Rules

Emirates allows passengers to make corrections to their names if they are misspelled. You cannot change your name completely. Transferring an Emirates ticket from one person to another person is not permitted. If you want to change your name completely or want to transfer a flight to another person you will have to cancel your existing reservation as per the Emirates flight cancelation policy.

Some specific rules that you need to follow when making corrections in your name on the Emirates flight tickets.

  • Emirates allows only 4 characters to be corrected in the first name, middle or last name. It should not be understood that 4 characters in each part of the name are allowed. You can make changes a maximum of up to 4 characters in any part of your name.
  • Swapping passengers is not allowed at all.
  • Make sure that the updated name must be matched with the passport or any of the government-approved identity cards.
  • Passengers are not allowed to board if there is a mismatch in the name.
  • Passengers can swap their first or last name only when they have a relevant legal document of the name change.

Call Emirates experts at Urban Vacationing +1-571-378-7984 either to make corrections in your name or want to cancel your existing booking with an incorrect name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I change my name on an Emirates flight ticket?

Ans: You can make a name change request at least 2 hours prior to the flight departure time in case you have purchased the ticket directly from the airline.

Q: How many bags are allowed to carry for free on Emirates flights?

Ans: It depends on the fare type of your ticket. You may be allowed to carry more than 2 bags for free as per Emirates baggage policy.

Q: What to do if I change my name legally?

Ans: If you have changed your name legally, you can make a name change request anytime throughout your journey.

Q: What is Emirates name change fee in the U.K?

Ans: For U.K markets, GBP10 is to be paid as a name change fee if the ticket is booked directly on the website or from the sales offices. GBP20 to be paid as a name change fee if the ticket is booked from somewhere else/travel agents.

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