United Airlines Minor Flight Policy

Saturday, February 18, 2023

United Airlines Minor Flight Policy

It is natural to feel worried when you send your kids off alone to travel and explore through airways, and the airlines also understand the parents' emotions while sending their kids off alone.

However, this time if you have chosen United Airlines to let them see the world; then let us tell you that they have a completely well-suited United Airlines minor policy that you should refer to before sending your children off.

So, here's the entire policy for you and all of what you should be aware of before sending your loves off.

Highlights of United unaccompanied minor policy

  • As per the United minor policy, only children aged 5-14 traveling alone are known as minor travelers. But children 15-17 years old can also opt for the minor service if they want to.
  • First of all, they are given priority boarding so that they can sit and be comfortable before others. And when they board the plane, they are given complimentary snacks and refreshments.
  • When two or three minors fly alone on the same booking, the age of the youngest travelers determines whether or not they would be considered as United Airlines unaccompanied minors.
  • Now, children under the age of 5 must travel with an adult who is at least 18 years old.

Eligibility and Conditions of traveling as a minor

  • The unaccompanied minor should fall into the age bar of 5-14 years old.
  • The minors can fly only on nonstop United Airlines flights or United Express flights.
  • The unaccompanied minor service is unavailable for connecting flights.

How to book unaccompanied minor flights on United Airlines?

There are a lot of methods to book a United Airlines unaccompanied minor flight ticket. One is calling them directly and asking the United airline representative to book a flight for your minor. And the other method that is surely going to serve the purpose is to contact us at +1-571-378-7984. We are from Urban Vacationing, and we provide you with the necessary assistance in getting the best of the best flight deal, even for minors flying alone. To book the flight ticket for your minor, all you need to do is call us at the contact given above, and one of us will contact you.

When you have us on the other line, you know that you can share your travel concerns with us, and we will help book the flight tickets for you. Alongside, we also got your back regarding hotel reservations and car rental service, even for your minor.

United Airlines Document Requirements for Minor

There is one out of the following documents that you need to submit or ask your children to carry with them to book or board a United airline flight.

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • School Id
  • Employee ID
  • Library card
  • Credit Care
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social security card
  • Proof of auto insurance under the minor's name.

You should be able to provide the documents mentioned below for international flights alongside one of the documents mentioned above.

  • Parent's names
  • Child's names
  • The name of the company traveling with the child
  • Signature of the absent parents
  • Travel Dates
  • Destinations
  • Airlines
  • A brief summary of the reason explaining the "why" behind traveling

Unaccompanied Minor fee on United

United Airlines is the only airline that allows a pair of minor siblings to travel together on one ticket of USD 150. The pricing structure for United unaccompanied minors is decided upon per pair and not per child, and that too; for both domestic and international flights.

And the fees can be met when making the reservation, later, prior to departure, or during check-in at the airport.

The fees' structure as per United minor policy is as mentioned below;

Unaccompanied MinorFor one-way flight (In USD)For roundtrip flights (In USD)1$150$3002$150$3003$300$6004$300$6005$450$9006$450$900

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy.

Where should I drop off my kids at the airport?

You should look out for the United check-in counter when you get to the airport. Then the airlines will let you know whether you can give company to your child to the departure gate or if a flight attendant will escort them.

Will it be safe for my son to travel if he is on medication and is flying alone?

The cabin crew at United Airlines cannot be given any medication to any passengers. You can check it once with your son's doctor before booking the flight if his medical condition is serious and he requires medication. However, it advises delaying travel until the medication is no longer required or if your son can get on different dosages on the travel days.

How early should a minor get to the airport?

Yes, time matters the most when you are traveling as a minor on any airline. So, when it comes to the flights, you would get at least 2 hours early at the airport; in a similar manner, then you should just add another 30 minutes to your waiting time for unaccompanied minors.

Can an unaccompanied minor select his or her seat?

When it comes to selecting a seat for a Minor, the answer is no, the airlines will select the seat for the unaccompanied minor, and you will be made aware of the seat selection 48 to 72 hours after you have booked the flight.

What information should I give before booking an unaccompanied minor flight?

The airlines ask you to provide the contact information of the designated adult; for both dropping off and picking the child up. And you need to make sure that you submit a government-issued ID with valid proof that matches their contact information.

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