How do I check in with United Airlines?

Sunday, June 18, 2023

How do I check in with United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of the best airlines in the aviation industry that has got a lot to offer the passengers. The motto of the airlines is not just to bridge the gap between the places, but to bridge the gap between two people. United is all about meeting new people, setting up a connection with them and experiencing the different cultures.

And with this motto in their mind, all of their services are easy peasy lemon squeezy, yeah, all simple and seamless. Today, we are going to discuss one of their services named Check-in. Yes, today, we are going for United check-in. Let us assist you and help board the flight.

United Airlines Check-in Requirements

The check-in requirements vary on a lot of different factors, such as the type of flight, departure point and whether you have a bag with you or not. However, the general guidelines dependent on the different types of flight is as listed below;

Domestic Flights

When you are traveling in a domestic flight, and you have carry-on baggage, then you need to follow the check-in requirements below.

  • You need to check in at least 30 minutes before flight departure.
  • And when your departure airport is in Aguadilla, Baltimore, Kahului or San Juan, then you need to check in 45 minutes prior to your flight departure.
  • When the flight is departing from Guam, then you will have to check in at least 60 minutes before your flight departure.

International Flights

The passengers on United International flight are supposed to check in at least 60 minutes prior to your flight departure, and other guidelines are as listed below;

  • When your departure point is Dublin, Honolulu, Hawaii, Lima, or Peru, it is mandatory to check in at least 75 minutes before your flight departure.
  • When the departure point is Manila, you have to check in at least 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) before your flight departure.
  • And, for the passengers that have the Marshall Islands or Micronesia in the flight itinerary, they should check in at least 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) prior to their flight departure.

Different Methods to Check in with United Airlines

At the airport

The first kind of check-in has to be the basic one, which obviously requires you to manually go to the airport from where you are going to board your flight. You have various options at the airport to check in with; like self-service kiosk, curbside check-in or at the ticket counter. Below is the list of the same with the steps included.

Self Service Kiosk

You can check-in all by yourself at the self-service kiosk and can check in your baggage as well. All you need to do is to keep your booking reference number and the other booking details handy and fill in the information asked for in the kiosk machine.

You are allowed to check in at the airport kiosk and from 30 minutes of flight booking till 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure, you can check in at the airport kiosk.

Ticket Counter

You can directly get in the queue that's laid long at the ticket counter at the airport. Get in touch with the assistant and provide them with the details that are required such as your passport, photo ID proof, booking number and other necessary documents.

You can check in your luggage at the ticket counter as well, by simply paying the baggage fees. And you are free to select a seat of your choice as well.

Online Check in

You can also check in through the official website of United Airlines, and steps for the same are as follows;

  • You have to start by visiting the official website of United Airlines. On the homepage, you will find the four options at the very top of the page.
  • There, you will witness the option named, check-in. In the section, you have to fill in your confirmation number and the last name.
  • You are to enter the details and click on search. You will get to see your reservation that you have to check in.
  • If the option to select your preferred seat appears out there, then you can choose your seats. Finally click Confirm either way when you are done.
  • Boarding would be available on the screen, and you will then just have to click on download.

Eligibility for Online check in

The United App allows check in for 30 other airlines partner when it is a connecting flight for you. The following criteria should be met when you have to check online or with the United app.

  • The passengers can use online check-in for a group booking with passengers equal to or less than 9.
  • When you have a connecting flight, the first flight should be with United airlines.
  • When someone has previously scanned the passport on the United App, they are ineligible for the online check in.
  • The flight tickets purchased offline can never be checked online.
  • Basic Economy passengers can only use the online check in process till they are checking the bag.
  • When you have special assistance booked, then you are required to officially meet the staff to get the boarding pass.

Check in with Urban Vacationing

When all of the above check-in methods come with a lot of restrictions and complications, then you should turn to our side, yes, We, as Urban Vacationing can obviously help you check in at United Airlines. To check in with us, you have to simply dial our official dial number which goes by, +1-571-378-7984. You will get connected with one of our travel consultants who will help you with the complete process of checking in with United Airlines. You only need to cooperate with us for your confirmation number and your last name, and you would have you will get your boarding pass.

Not only that, but we are also there to help you accommodate at your destination as we can reserve a hotel booking and even car rental when you want to travel from your airport to the hotel, right from the airport by the way.


Here, we have gone through the complete information regarding Check in with United Airlines. Now you be brave and get to your destination, for work, for fun or for life. Just be you and may the best thing find your way. And when you have any travel needs, just remember Urban Vacationing, be it the new reservation, modifying your already made reservations, hotel booking or car rental, oh! We got you covered.

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