Emirates Baggage Policy

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Emirates Baggage Policy

Emirates, one of the best airlines in the Middle East serves more than 150 destinations in almost 80 countries. It is a luxury airline that has been consistent in providing world-class services from its hub Dubai. Emirates Airlines understands the necessity of carrying baggage by travelers. Thus, it has a generous baggage policy for its customers. Emirates baggage policy allows its customers to bring a small check-in bag to the main cabin. However, it depends on the size and weight of your baggage.

What is Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy?

Emirates baggage allowance policy helps travelers in deciding what they can bring with them in the cabin and what they cannot. Carrying baggage by travelers is a part of their journey. Emirates baggage allowance depends on the weight of your baggage and the total number of pieces that you are carrying with you. It also depends on the class of service you are traveling in, the route of your travel, and the fare type. The weight of the baggage matters on most routes, however, a piece of baggage matters only to and from America and Africa. We will discuss here all Emirates baggage rules.

Emirates Carry-on Baggage Policy

Emirates carry-on baggage allowance depends on the fare types of your tickets. If traveling in economy class you get a different baggage allowance as compared to when traveling in business class.

Emirates carry-on baggage allowance economy class: All passengers in economy class are permitted to bring one piece of a carry-on bag or a handbag or a laptop bag for free. The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 55*38*20 centimeters and the weight should not be more than 7 KG.

Emirates carry-on allowance business and first-class: Passengers traveling in business class or in the first class are permitted to bring 2 pieces of carry-on bags for free. One should be a briefcase plus either one should be a laptop bag or a handbag. The dimensions of a handbag must not exceed 55*38*20 centimeters. The dimensions of the briefcase should not be more than 45*35*20 centimeters. The allowed weight should not be more than 7 Kg for each item.

For all customers departing from Brazil, they can carry up to 10 kgs of cabin baggage.

Emirates Checked Baggage Policy

Emirates checked baggage allowance depends on many factors such as fare types of your flight, route of your travel, weight concept, piece concept, etc. The weight concept applies to all routes except traveling to or from America and if traveling from Africa.

Emirates checked baggage allowance economy:

Travel Class Special Saver Flex Flex Plus
Economy 20 KG 25KG 30KG 35KG

Checked baggage allowance business class and first class: The maximum weight is allowed 40 KG in business class and 50 KG in first class. The dimensions of the checked bag should not exceed 118 inches or 300 centimeters.

Emirates Baggage Allowance to and from America

The permissible allowance of baggage to and from America

Travel Class Permissible Allowance
Economy 1 piece, up to 23 KG
2 pieces, up to 23 KG each for saver, flex and flex plus
Business 2 pieces, up to 32 KG each
First Class 2 pieces, up to 32 KG each

Emirates Extra Baggage Policy

Emirates extra baggage fee depends on the fare types of your ticket and the route you are traveling between. The calculation of the excess baggage fees may be different depending on the origin and destination of flights.

From/To The Middle East/South Asia Africa Far East Europe Australia and New Zealand
The Middle East/South Asia $15 $25 $25 $25 $40
Europe $25 $30 $30 $15 $50
Far East $25 $30 $15 $30 $30
Australia and New Zealand $40 $50 $30 $50 $15

Emirates Delayed and Damaged Baggage Policy

Emirates Airlines compensates for damaged and delayed baggage. It offers Interim Relief compensation to all customers who have traveled to or from the United States and have claimed missing bags. If your baggage is delayed, damaged, or missing, call Emirates customer service number immediately and report it.

What is Emirate Cancelation Policy?

Emirates flight cancelation policy is made for providing convenience to customers who want to cancel their flights before the departure of the flights. A certain amount as a cancelation fee is to be charged when canceling Emirates Airlines flight tickets. The calculation of the cancelation fee depends on the type of fare and the time when you are making a request for cancellation. You may get full refunds of a non-refundable flight ticket on Emirates if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of flight booking. Make sure that the departure date of the flight that you are canceling is more than 7 days.

Emirates Airlines brought its baggage policy to ensure the safety and convenience of its passengers. If you are taking an Emirates Airlines flight anytime soon, you must be aware of the latest Emirates baggage policy. If you have questions related to Emirates baggage allowance, call +1-571-378-7984.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I buy additional baggage before check-in?

Ans: Yes, you can buy additional weight of baggage and additional piece of baggage before check-in. You may get a discount from 35% up to 60% if buying it at least 4 hours prior to the departure time.

Q: How can I claim Interim Relief compensation on Emirates?

A: Visit the nearest Emirates office with your passport and the receipt of your purchased ticket.

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