Guide to KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Guide to KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Are you worried about flying with your pet on KLM Airlines? Whether your pet stays in the cabin or the carrier doesn't matter. This is all you must learn about KLM Airlines pet policy for booking a reservation.

Headquartered in Amstelveen, KLM Airlines is the flag carrier of the Netherlands, with its hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is the world's oldest operating airline operating 145 destinations worldwide.

Pet Policy of KLM Airlines – How to Reserve?

KLM Airlines allows pets only in the cabins and in the hold. This allows them to protect all passengers' health, safety and well-being, including pets. In doing this, we're adhering to the animal guidelines and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules.

There is a limited amount of space for pets on KLM flights. The number of pets KLM can bring in is contingent on the aircraft type, destination and operating airline. Make a reservation for your furry friend as quickly as you can when booking your flight. The reservation must be made 48 hours before the date of departure.

As per KLM Airlines pet policy, be aware that your pet must be on the same plane as you and must be at a minimum of 15 weeks old.

KLM Airlines Pet Policy — In Cabin

You can carry one pet with you in the Economy or Business Cabin. Your pet must fit into the pet's closed travel bag or a kennel with a maximum size of 46 inches by 28 inches by 24 centimeters because they'll be traveling under the seat directly.

As per KLM Airlines pet information, your kennel or the travel bag should weigh not more than 8 kilograms. You can't get your pet from the kennel during the journey, so make sure they're small enough to move quickly.

Pets are not allowed in the Premium Class or Business Class when flying intercontinental. In these classes, it is impossible to place a dog's kennel under the seat in front of you.

Book a ticket for your pet to travel in the cabin as quickly as possible. You can do so via Urban Vacationing — KLM Airlines phone number for customer care.

Pets Policy for KLM Airlines – In the Hold

Do you think your pet is too big to be able to travel in the cabin? You can bring three pets into the cabin. They are allowed to share the same kennel provided they weigh less than 14kg each and they are:

  • Two adult animals of similar size as per KLM Airlines pet policy
  • Three animals that are up to six months old from the same litter

Check that the total weight of the pet and the kennel is at most 75kg. The kennel's dimensions can be up to 122x 80x89 cm for KLM flights or 102x69x76 cm when flying on KLM Cityhopper routes (operated by Embraer airplanes). Bear in mind these points:

  • The kennel needs to be made of rigid plastic or fiberglass.
  • Make sure there are no wheels attached.
  • There should be a centralized locking system.
  • Bolts must secure the kennel.
  • Place two empty sealed containers for food/water.
  • Keep an absorbent pad or pee pad on the bottom of the kennel.

You should make a reservation for your pet's travel on the flight as quickly as you can after booking your flight. Contact KLM customer care — Urban Vacationing at +1-571-378-7984 to reserve your pet.

KLM Flight Pet Policy Reservations Fee

If you want to bring your pet or cat to your destination, you'll have to pay an amount of EUR 75 ($79) - EUR 400 ($425) for one-way. We know this is an enormous cost range, but this is due to the price varying on your departure airport and destination. It is possible to determine the cost when you make reservations.

KLM Airlines - Snub-nosed animals

Your snub-nosed pet may experience breathing problems on board because of the high temperatures and stress. Because your pet should be safe and comfortable, it is only possible to transport some animals in the baggage hold.

You can, however, carry your pet in the cabin or the cargo. Be sure to check your dog or cat's species before making a reservation.

If your pet's breed isn't precise, do you believe your pet is snub-nosed? We recommend calling Urban Vacationing - KLM Airlines customer care center.

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